H.E Mr. António Guterres
Secretary-General of the United Nations

We are the undersigned - as personal and in our institutional capacity- extend our greetings and compliments to the United Nations, and present our congratulations to your Excellency for earning the confidence of the United Nations member states in your distinguished Excellency to lead the world prominent organization, with hopes to lead the international collective action to liberate the human society from the bondage of war, oppression and backwardness, and in order to promote stability, peace, development and human dignity.

And linked to this, we express our deep concern about trends aimed to undermine what remains of stability and security in the Arab Region, especially and the entire Middle East, through the announcement of the new US Administration led by H.E president Donald Trump of its intentions to move the US Embassy in Israel to the Palestinian Occupied city of Jerusalem, and what it has of overwhelming holiness feelings going beyond the Palestinian People to billions of Muslims and Christians all over the globe, and what it represents as a value for the common World Heritage for all the human family.

In addition to your knowledge stemming from your accumulative experiences in the field of global diplomacy, the signatories would like to re-emphasize on:
-    The relevant UN Security Council resolutions, in particular resolution 242/1967, resolution 338/1973, resolution 1397/2002 to establish a sovereign Palestinian state , And the resolution 2334 on 24 December 2016 that Judged of the illegality of the Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1967, including East Jerusalem.
-    The relevant General Assembly resolutions, in particular resolution 181/1947, resolution 194/1948, resolution 465/1980, resolution 476 on 30 June 1980 that judged the invalidity of the Israeli occupation procedures to annex Jerusalem.
-    And focus in particular on the decision of the General Assembly at its special session in 1997 under the "Unity for peace formula", and the decision in its special session in the year 2003 about the invalidity of the settlements, including in Jerusalem.
-    And recall the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice issued in July 2004 about the invalidity of the separation wall on the Palestinian lands that occupied in 1967 and the invalidity of the settlement and demographic changes, including in Jerusalem.
-    And we point out to the resolutions of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (until 2005), and the resolutions of the United Nations Human Rights Council (since 2006) in this regard.
-    And it's sure for undersigned that this step - if it has - will be involved US practically in one of the most gravest war crimes under the principles of international humanitarian law and the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention in 1949 that perpetrated by the Israeli occupation, including the decision wrong legally annexation of Occupied Arab Jerusalem in 1980.

Also taking such a crime would be an inaugurate the end of the US role in sponsoring the "peaceful settlement" of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and lead by the nature of their effects to the storming of stability and peace in the region, and at a minimum, provide the escalating terrorism in the region with additional pretexts for continuing expansion, transforming the region into amajor pillar springboard for terrorist groups towards prospects unlimited geographically and qualitatively.

In light of the last two decades of experience, the signatories believes that the settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict is not calling for continuous non-final negotiations, absent the reference and the controls prevailing , where the end of the occupation needs by nature to a push from the international community elevateto its responsibilities and duties legalese  and ethically , and it remains this possible by issuing binding resolution putting a time limit for ending the occupation and in the space of one year.

And the Signatories confirm that such a move will push undoubtedly to end this conflict by correcting the lost balance, and will have a profound impact in putting an end to the bloodshed at the level of the Arab region, the entire Middle East and the world, and would put an end to the era of obnoxious colonialism that Israel remains the latest of his strongholds.

We call upon the United Nations to take urgent and effective measures to prevent falling into dangerous slides and inevitable if the new US administration carried out its promises during the election campaign by transfer the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem.

And we demand in this regard to invite the UN Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations to put the matters relating to occupied Jerusalem under their permanent consideration, and initiative as soon as possible to take necessary procedures to prevention from this step.

In this context, we call upon the General Assembly, in particular, to convene an emergency special session under the "Unity formula for peace " to adopt, among other things, a decision which include a time limit for ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab lands in 1967 and beyond, and to invite the International Security Council to carry out its responsibilities by activation of this decision.

In conclusion , we express to Your excellency continued good friendship and best wishes to the leadership of the international collective action towards global stability provides opportunities for growth and upgrading of human society.

And please accept our most sincere regards.

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